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Pest Management Insurance Program from Crane Agency (est. 1885) provides a Singular Coverage Pest Control Insurance Program 

PMPs - get Pest Control General Liability, Auto Fleet, Work Comp, Bed Bug Dogs, Termite Inspections, Umbrella & all other insurance needs with one company
All States Licensed Insurance Brokers working directly with Pest Managers
Insuring pest management professionals Nationwide

Our Pest Control Insurance .com offers these coverages
for pest Management professionals:
• Errors and omissions professional liability provides
coverage for damage to your customer’s personal
property that is in your care. It also provides
coverage for damage to customers’ buildings and
other structures caused by your work. (As with
other coverage parts, certain policy limitations
or exclusions may apply depending on the claim
• Pollution coverage on general liability and
commercial auto.
• Wood destroying insect (WDI) or wood
destroying organism (WDO) inspections.
Optional coverages:
• Lost key coverage provides a $5,000 limit for
damages because of loss or disappearance of any
keys in your care.
• Employment practices liability provides coverage
for situations where there is alleged wrongful
termination, sexual harassment, discrimination,
and other similar acts.
• Employee benefits coverage.
• Employee dishonesty coverage.
• Equipment and tool coverage.
• License and permit, business service,
and ERISA bonds.

Pest Control Insurance .com Company can. We offer a comprehensive program
for pest control professionals to protect the
business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Pest Control Insurance .com’s program is
designed for pest control professionals
• Treat commercial, industrial, institutional,
healthcare, hospitality, recreational, or
residential clients;
• Apply chemicals inside structures and their
surrounding grounds;
• Provide insect control services for termites, ants,
roaches, hibernating insects, bees, wasps, and
other bugs;
• Bait, trap, and remove nuisance wildlife, rodents,
birds, and other small mammals; and
• Provide pest control inspections and consultations
for wood destroying insects (WDI) and other
wood destroying organisms (WDO).
Convenient payment options include:
• Annual;
• Semi-annual;
• Quarterly;
• Monthly;
• Down payment plus 5 payments;
• Down payment plus 9 payments;
• Electronic funds transfer;
• Online or by phone;
• Charge to a credit card; or
There are many reasons to choose
Pest Control Insurance .com for your pest control
insurance program:
Pest Control Insurance .com can offer your business all lines
of property/casualty coverages such as auto,
property, general liability including professional,
crime, Work Comp and umbrella.
• Crane has been providing superior insurance
coverages and services since 1885.
• Carriers Rated A (Excellent) or better by A.M. Best
• Our claim representatives are highly experienced
in handling pest control-related losses. Pest Control Insurance .com
offers several options for reporting losses: phone,
email, and fax. All are available 24 hours a day, 7
days a week.

• Pest Control Insurance FAQ Section
1. How long will it take to get my Pest Control Insurance quote?
Pest Control Companies can expect to get a quote in 5 business days
2. How much will insurance cost for my Pest Control company?
Rates vary by State. We have the most carriers so you never pay more than the lowest rate available
3. What are the maximum limits available for my Pest Control insurance? $100,000,000 is the highest umbrella limit
4. I have a Pest Control company, but what about my landscaping business insurance?
Crane Insures every type of Operation
• Termite
• Bed Bug Dogs
• General Pest Control
• Wildlife Control
• Heat Treaments
• Mold remediation
5. Do you insure Pest Control Companies in CA?
Crane is licensed and operates in 50 States
6. Can you get auto Pest Control insurance with a DWI? Yes, if you are licensed we can get you insurance
7. Can I drive to Mexico with my Pest Control Auto Insurance ?
8. Does the Pest Control Insurance cover requirements for State Pesticide and Herbicide application ?
9. How long have you been selling insurance?
We have sold insurance to companies for over 126 years
10. What payment types does Pest Control Insurance accept?
Direct payment plans with no interest finance charges are available to Pest Management and Bed Bug contractors


Does your insurance company provide you with all lines coverage for your specialized business needs? We offer a comprehensive program for pest control professionals.

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